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Season 3, Episode 1September 23, 2014Boden and the rest of the Firehouse 51 team deal with the explosion's aftermath in the Season 3 opener.Meanwhile, Casey searches for Severide, who's gone missing; Newhouse has surprising news about Mills' family; and Hermann and Otis make a decision about Molly's.Season 3, Episode 17March 10, 2015Severide's old friend arrives, hoping for a second chance with the Chicago Fire Department.Meanwhile, Mills tries to regain his active squad status, Mouch confronts his fear about meeting his child, and Brett and Dawson set out to have a big night out.Season 3, Episode 19April 7, 2015The team transports victims of a chemical leak to Chicago Med, where the bad situation turns even worse due to a grenade-carrying madman who claims to have a deadly airborne disease.Season 3, Episode 20April 21, 2015Mills tries to save the life of a driver seriously injured in a car accident; Casey remodels a strip club on the side, but has doubts about its owner; and Hermann, Otis and Cruz prepare their team for the peewee hockey championship. Benson of New York's Special Victims Unit comes to Chicago to help with the CPD's investigation when an apartment fire is linked to a case of rape and attempted murder, a scenario that echoes an unsolved SVU case.Season 3, Episode 10December 2, 2014A couple get trapped in a house fire, leading to a perplexing aftermath.

Meanwhile, Brett assists a mother in need; Mills learns about unlicensed private investigation; and Hermann starts training Dawson. Brett is cornered by a dangerous man amid the chaos, and Dawson makes a shocking discovery about the cause of the chopper crash.

The firefighters, rescue squad and paramedics of Chicago Firehouse 51 risk their lives week in and week out to save and protect the citizens of their incredible city.

This is an extended family and everyone inside Firehouse 51 knows no other way than to lay it all on the line for each other. Matthew Casey (Jesse Spencer) leads the truck company and brash Lt.

Season 3, Episode 3October 7, 2014A crash involving fire trucks from Firehouse 51 and the Austin firehouse results in drama and blame-shifting.

Elsewhere, Boden makes a plan to get Dawson her badge; Mills deals with his past and his future; and the Molly's gang have trouble with their new food truck.

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