Dating an aloof person

It was unusually cold in Arlington during the week leading up to Super Bowl XLV; a winter storm had barreled into Texas, blanketing Cowboys Stadium with so much snow that slabs of ice cascaded from the roof.As he reflected on the sacrifices and the slights, he wondered whether it was all worth it, and then he felt something unexpected -- not regret or fulfillment but a different sensation, like a space had opened inside of him.Bringing attention to how frustrating it was, or how the inconvenient timing was terrible to deal with, or how you already told them you loved them 12 times that day, won’t help at all. Anxiety in a relationship can be hard to deal with.However, the love and compassion that can be shared between you and your significant other, even with their anxiety in the picture, can be the biggest blessing in the world.

We know that the anxiety can make us seem needy and burdensome; don’t let them push you away. Try to be as empathetic and sympathetic as possible.

They could have a really rough day, where everything went wrong, anxiety attacks were dealt with, and emotions were a rollercoaster. Bouts of anxiety can last seconds, minutes, hours, days, or even longer. Go spend time together, go get a nice meal, watch a film, go for a walk, take a shower, have sex.

However, if your significant other has dealt with the situation and moved on from their anxiety, don’t bring it back up. Whatever you can do to show our partner that you see them as the person that you love, not as their anxiety, is perfect.

It isn’t fun to deal with significant other’s third anxiety attack in one day or have your partner be almost silent on a night out with friends.

Your feelings of frustration are completely valid and never fear that you are a bad girlfriend or boyfriend for getting overwhelmed and riled up. Your partner knows that dealing with this is hard and would never wish to inflict an inconvenient situation or tiresome events towards you.

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