Dating someone chronic illness

The more extreme physical chronic illnesses can make dating seem unrealistic or especially difficult, causing people like Pierce to think, “don’t even tempt me.”One major issue chronically ill people face in dating is disclosure.

The question of when to share the illness with a prospective partner fills online forums, videos, articles, blogs, conferences, and discussions.

Disclosure becomes even more nerve-wracking if the chronic illness is contagious, like Nate Butler’s HIV.

The 51-year-old Denver native has had the disease for nearly 25 years and has dated both HIV-positive and negative men and women since then.

But that’s not always the case, which is why the question of disclosure remains a hot topic in the chronically ill community.

My current bf on the other hand, doesn’t give a flying f*** that I’m sick at all, and knew it long before we even started dating.Neither does your sickness affect my lifestyle at all.”If there is just one thing I’ve learned after all these years, it’s that I am worth as much as any other person out there. There is only one me amongst the billions on our planet, and we are all worth something in that respect.To conclude, a chronic illness might need more help than others in many ways, but no human being is truly independent.In most cases, sex happens more quickly, probably due to not having had it as frequently as they would like to. Chronic illness is no doubt a deal-breaker for many people.On Date, the question of whether people would date someone with a chronic illness has come up more than one time in the forums. Some would if the disease or illness wasn’t contagious.

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