Dating with braces

The other was surrounding one of my big passions in life – food and eating!

But I am now over half way through (nine months in fact) and I’ve picked up lots of eating tips along the way. I absolutely love Indian food and it’s been tough to give it up but it really does stain your clear elastics a nasty yellowy green colour so stay well clear.

Burgers for example; last October before I had my braces on I had tucked into a huge juicy burger assuming that it would be my last.

Well I definitely can’t eat it the same way anymore but as long as I have a knife and fork to hand any food is fair game.

That isn’t to say that I’ve only been sipping on water for the last nine months.

Just eat whatever you can manage such as mashed potatos, stews etc.

As you can’t bite with your front teeth as you normally would I had worried that I would hardly be able to eat anything at all throughout my whole braces treatment. I can eat absolutely anything – just as long as I cut it up into smaller pieces first.

I remember when I had braces, I had horrible mouth sores from the braces digging in to the soft lining of my cheeks and it is so painful!! This will stop that friction and allow those areas to heal. If it doesnt work then try a 50% warm water and 50% hydrogen peroxide rinse (be sure that you never swallow this mixture) just rinse the mouth with this a couple of times a day especially right before bedtime.

First though, you have to eliminate the rubbing/friction for the areas to heal and dental wax works quite well.

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