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You can also send it to your Snapchat friends as you normally would.With that image saved in your photo library, you can share it anywhere, whether that's via email, on Facebook, on Twitter or elsewhere.The process to exchange your rs gold will only take minutes.When comparing swapping to using runescape money making guides or using bots on your runescape account to acquire the amount of gold your looking for, swapping is the clear better option!The face swap is a yellow icon with two smiley faces inside.You should see two smiley faces appear on the main portion of the screen now.), and much like Snapchat, these effects will change from time to time to keep things interesting.

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If you don't see the purple face swap icon, you might need to update your Snapchat app.Grab a friend or family member that you want to swap faces with, and align both of your faces with the icons on screen until they are both yellow.We've found that it's most successful if you remove your glasses, and if you're facing the camera directly. Snapchat uses the map of your face to adjust the other persons face to fit yours, and that means that when you talk it'll be their face that moves on your body… It's horrifying and bizarre, but totally fascinating and it'll have you laughing uncontrollably in no time (like Lewis and Christina were below).But you'll want to capture that image to share with your friends.Tap the circle at the bottom with the face swap icon to capture the image, and if you want to save it to your phone's photo library you'll need to tap the icon in the bottom left corner that looks like a downwards arrow.

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