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He makes you sound less like an incredible person and more like some kind of bacterial infection.

Believing that you’re made of magic because you can make a guy hard?

I feel like his relationship problems are his own to deal with.

I want an affair to exist in its own self-contained universe, where we can just have an awesome moment and explore this connection without anyone getting hurt, but I recognize that that’s not the reality.

Having a moral compass: Now actually separates you from the herd.

I mean, look: he told you that he’s not going to be able to get you out of his head until he sleeps with you.

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Mention that your husband is incredibly well-endowed.When you picture this man on your pillow, you probably imagine that all of the variables line up the way you prefer: He is attentive and enthralled.He doesn’t use a really sweet voice you’ve never heard before when he talks to her.So I sat there by the pool next to those two (kind?They played it over and over again, at a very high volume.

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