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But that doesn’t ruffle engineer Chen Jie, who takes us on a tour of the metropolis and demonstrates the big role that tiny MEMS sensors play in improving our daily lives.

Would you like to check an altitude on a map and plan the the best route or check the local weather forecast for your next hike?

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) are becoming increasingly popular trends in the realm of consumer electronics. Have you noticed the increasing numbers of drones buzzing up in the sky these days?

Bosch Sensortec offers the best solutions to enhance your AR and VR experience with comprehensive motion sensors that prevent motion sickness. While these devices are still mostly just toy quadcopters, there is a growing demand for more serious feature sets, for example an auto level mode for maintaining the drone's horizontal orientation, a constant altitude mode, or an orbit mode for circling around a specific point.

Make those unforgettable moments last forever: You take the photo and the sensor will do the rest.

Today, not it's not only smartphones that are equipped with cameras; drones, for instance, are increasingly becoming important tools in the hands of foreward-thinking photographers.

Sowohl das Bundesinstitut für Arzneimittel und Medizinprodukte als auch das Paul-Ehrlich-Institut und das Robert Koch Institut geben auf ihren Websites wichtige Hinweise über Rote-Hand-Briefe, Maßnahmen von Herstellern von Medizinprodukten sowie von Impfstoffen und Sera.

Today it's possible to regulate the lighting, heating and various home appliances in your home?

Billions of objects are becoming connected to the internet, including vehicles, homes, machines and many other things that make up our everyday lives.

Wir wünschen Ihnen viel Vergnügen auf unserer Website und hoffen, dass Sie Antworten auf Ihre Fragen finden.

Deshalb wird bei uns die persönliche Beratung groß geschrieben! Wenden Sie sich an uns: Kontakt Besser spät als nie: Noch einmal die Schulbank drücken fürs Abitur.

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