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From 2000 and currently Luca Maroni is Vinitaly consultant and, in the frame of this crucial event, he manages an exhibition area of over 500 sq. with the initiative “Trendy oggi, big domani” (Trendy Today, Big Tomorrow) dedicated to the best Italian wine newcomer producers selected by Luca Maroni.

In September 2004 he publishes for Fabbri Editori “Conoscere il Vino” (“Knowing wine”), all there is to know on wine production, fruition and preservation.

The technical reproducibility of a given pleasantness – already discovered and applied to food – is finally a reality for wine as well.

The following year he publishes “Degustare il vino” (“The Tasting of Wine”), a theoretical and practical method for a knowledgeable tasting of any kind of wine.

Still in 1995, he pens the “Wine tasting” entry for the Treccani Italian Encyclopedia; a further study will be added to the 2000 Appendix. 30 of “The Taster of Wine”, Luca exposes the philosophy of the fruitiness of wine, and the consequent method for the evaluation of its quality (pleasantness).

In the same year the first “Guida dei Vini Italiani” (“Guide to Italian Wines”) is published; a new and improved version of the book will see the light every year.

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