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But nowadays women outlive men by about five to six years.By age 85 there are roughly six women to every four men. And by age 122—the current world record for human longevity—the score stands at one-nil in favor of women. One idea is that men drive themselves to an early grave with all the hardship and stress of their working lives.The American activist and author will be 82 next month, and from the early Sixties onwards she has never stopped writing and campaigning for her core causes: birth control, equal pay, an end to violence against women, civil rights and social justice.Today, she seems to be more in demand than ever and lives a sharply curated life - she has learned to excise what does not matter.They explained that I could not work with the clients because clients did not want to work with women. If you were not subservient, you were not giving men their due.

Gloria, pictured at The Savoy, said: 'When people ask me if I regret not having children, I can feel the pressure to say "yes". When I was much younger I assumed I had to have children.

As a writer I was doing stories I was assigned instead of ones I thought were important.

The wasting of time is the thing I worry about the most, because when you get to my age, you realise time is all there is.

'But I get immense satisfaction from someone just coming up to me in the street saying that something I did or something I had written helped them.

That means a lot.'I thought the women's movement has struggled for 25 years to allow marriage to be an equal partnership, so I no longer had to give up my name, my domicile, my credit rating, so why not? I became the centre of a Twitter storm recently because I said young women would back senator Bernie Sanders instead of Hillary Clinton [as the Democratic nominee for US President] because that's where the boys are.

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