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that I totally failed to notice when I purchased it. )..the consumerism of the game really drives me nuts at times.

The game itself is decent, though really holding no educational value.Can you imagine what this game could do to kids if left to play unmonitored???? I understand that these are just kids playing, but I do not think you are doing your kid any favors by encouraging them to play things that allow them to earn "easy money" (hence giving little appreciation for how hard most people actually DO work...especially in this economy! Go "play games to earn money" (umm, prelude to gambling? Oh and lets not forget, go to fashion shows where other kids online can tell them how great or how ugly their clothing choices are.. I think there are more constructive ways (that I find FAR less irritating) for my kids to spend their time learning these lessons. I mean, this child used to talk to me at least every 5 minutes, but NOW he talks to me every hour! Also, he has been starting to wet the bed ever since he bought his webkinz! As you may know, children with autism find everything interesting and are almost always curious.If they need some mind numbing down time, I think there are better ways to do this too without all the potentially negative influance. I allowed my 15 year old grandson to buy a webkinz with his life savings... IDK if that is related to the incident, but I believe so! The site itself was entertaining for about a month, then (as in most cases) his interest waned and he was on to something else.Or so they have no appreciation for how hard most people have to work for that kind of money??? You have to WORK for your money (well, for most people anyway, unless you have managed to have others work for your money or have your money work for your money!) playing games to win money is a form of gambling and if you buy something you do not get to resell it for loads of cash (you can try, but no one in their right mind will BUY it from you in the REAL world, lol) Add all these things to the annoying nature of the music ect.

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