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While at that point in my life I was more than a little naive when it came to sexual matters, I recognized that her relationship with her adolescent son, who for some reason did not attend school at all, was full of blatantly incestuous overtones.Yet no one, so far as I was aware, questioned her fitness to teach.Particularly during my early elementary school years, my family was under a lot of stress with my father often out of work, never enough money to ensure financial stability, and my parents’ marriage shaky.We many times moved from one place to another, and sometimes spent lengthy periods of time living with grandparents. I was repeatedly taken out of an Adventist church school to start again in some new place where I didn’t known anyone.Other Adventist kids with whom I attended church school and Sabbath School didn’t seem to take religion as seriously as I did. In fact I sometimes seemed to know more about the Bible and White’s writings than did my teachers.

I was disappointed when my attempts to read White's , a book describing in much detail the cosmic "conflict between Christ and Satan" along with an extensive depictions of "latter day events," to some neighbor kids failed to produce much interest, let alone any converts.My eighth grade teacher had to leave midyear due to a psychiatric crisis, and was replaced by a woman who seemed to be in the midst of a psychotic break.For morning devotions, she read stories she had composed that revolved around the husband who had deserted her for another woman, describing in painful detail how he would regret his sin of unfaithfulness to her when last day events began to unfold.I grew up in the midst of a seriously dysfunctional community.As is true of most people who went through the Adventist educational system in those days (I believe things have improved somewhat in the years since), I learned next to nothing from my schooling about literature, art, non-SDA religions, philosophy, or modern thought.

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