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"That netherworld of being on the run — I don't know about you, but I think everyone has dreams of committing a crime and being on the run. "I definitely didn't think Joan would end up this single-mom feminist, looking for childcare.I love the fact that it's not philosophical for her.I'm not demeaning the philosophy of feminism, I'm just saying this woman made a practical decision not to take any shit anymore. She biologically loves work." He's thankful Christina Hendricks took the part, a move for which she was fired by her manager. They're good when it's going well though." The finale involved "fights" behind the scenes. I made them a billion dollars — AMC went public, a billion dollars — and for the most part, all the wounds had healed." Among the discussions was the choice to shoot the Esalen-like retreat in Anderson Canyon."[Executive producer] Scott Hornbacher forced me to get into that fight with Lionsgate to shoot there.

He likes seducing strangers, which is just like advertising. You're gonna walk down the side of the road, and now we know each other. He just tells Peggy, just move forward — that's his philosophy in life." Weiner is still wondering where those awards are.

' We can't shoot this in San Pedro, we can't do this in Malibu even.' ...

It was a very special place to end of the show." "Person to Person" has a personal meaning.

I don't want to put it into words more than that. I liked the idea where he'd come to this place, and it'd be about other people and a moment of recognition. It's well known that Weiner disclosed Don's inspired idea to Hamm early on, but he also knew Betty's fate at that point too. But he did consult with David Chase about whether Peggy should ever confess to Pete about the baby, and if it'd be difficult for her to then look at kids.

I don't think I can put it into words, but I knew." Don's road trip was inspired by where Don comes into town and can be anyone,'" Weiner said, pointing to the '60s series. "She will have a psychological scar," Chase told Weiner. "I thought Joan was gonna go through with that abortion," he admitted.

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