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(Some songs like Rihanna’s “Te Amo” or Miley’s “Bang me Box” were not released as singles and so didn’t make it to the radio but do reference same-sex attraction.) There’s also Little Big Town’s “Girlcrush,” which is totally NOT about a same-sex attraction at all, but is the closest country has come of late.

How is it that with so many openly gay A-List pop singers, so few lesbian-themed songs have made it onto the radio?

Half the song is about a heterosexual couple and half is about a gay couple, reflecting the fact that one member is straight and the other gay.While these songs exist in many genres, even if only in small numbers, the odds of hearing one on the radio is almost nil, even when the singer is an A-Lister (though you’ll probably have better luck in Australia hearing Missy Higgins on the radio).In the last 15 years, the only singles released in the US in which the singer overtly references an attraction to another woman have been in pop songs, and there were few of those at that: t. T.u’s “All the Things She Said,” Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl,” Lady Gaga’s “Pokerface,” and Demi Lovato’s “Cool for the Summer.”These four songs aren’t exactly paragons of gay, since two treat bisexuality as a clandestine yet frivolous tangent, one was sung by a duo faking lesbianism for money, and in the fourth the singer is fantasizing about a woman while having sex with a man.Based on this list, if you listen to pop music, the radio is Then there are songs sung by women about being in love with or attracted to other women.These songs may or may not be sung by lesbian or bi women, although they normally are.

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