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We have a spectacular love life and l try my best to not let these issues interfere.

I just bought 2 bottles of Femdophilus, took 2 by mouth and one as a suppository.

I also have garlic pills which l plan on using as suppositories (although the smell shouldn't be an issue when my BV is gone and the lovemaking begins!

) l'm happy that my questions have been answered and l will add Femdophilus to my daily supplements forever! The newest information is that it is linked to a vitamin D deficiency. Have your vitamin d levels tested, use probiotics to maintain your flora..enjoy your partners the way you want to!

This is very interesting I am a lesbian too and never heard that this can be more common between two woman.

I was in a long term relationship years ago with another woman and I started noticing that I was getting a lot of BV during this time.

So this cheating man introducing the bacteria from another woman's vagina, to his wife's has cause this problem which she didn't have prior to this incident.

This alone proves, that yes, woman can give each other this condition, directly or indirectly.

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I abhor traditional meds and love homeopathic and herbal remedies so searching for these cures came naturally.You can be lesbians if you want, but re-read what the very first answer stated, "try not have oral or genital sex"! that is laughable, what she is indirectly saying is, go straight, or just hold hands, because what else can 2 women do together?It's been proven in studies and by doctors that yes, it is more common among lesbians to have constant BV than heterosexual partners, just like Aids was more common among gay men, due to anal sex.Women with recurrences of BV and abnormal vaginal flora were more likely to have had female sex partners prior to recurrence in our cohort."So, in answer to your question, Fem Dophilus would be the best probiotic because it will normalize the vaginal tract.To KEEP the Bacterial Vaginosis away, in your case I would suggest no sharing of sex toys (this was one of the culprits in the study above so if you and partner both like to use a particular toy, have two of it, one for you and one for her and keep to your own) and try no oral/genital sex to see if that makes a difference.

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