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Yet, from a development perspective, XML is still hard to work with.

If you ask the average software developer to work in XML you will likely hear a heavy sigh.

The option set, the update operation will be ignored and the callback executed without sending the command to Mongo DB so as to prevent accidently overwritting documents in the collection.

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BSON_BINARY_SUBTYPE_USER_DEFINED doc.buffer.subtype(bson. BSON_BINARY_SUBTYPE_UUID); var bson = require('bson') bson. // this executes the same command as the previous example.

LINQ to XML is a modernized in-memory XML programming API designed to take advantage of the latest . It provides both DOM and XQuery/XPath like functionality in a consistent programming experience across the different LINQ-enabled data access technologies.

There are two major perspectives for thinking about and understanding LINQ to XML.

You can do so by defining a getter in the following way: Setters allow you to transform the data before it gets to the raw mongodb document and is set as a value on an actual key.

Suppose you are implementing user registration for a website.

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