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Seven actresses will arrive at the famed Beverly Hilton with a new kind of date — social justice icons who advocate for everyone from female restaurant workers to Native Americans striving to protect their land.

Amy Poehler's date at the 2018 Golden Globes is Saru Jayaraman, an author, advocate, and president and co-founder of Restaurant Opportunities Centers United.

Anyone who's ever seen Hugh strutting his stuff all over No.10 Downing Street in the Richard Curtis classic can attest to how impressive the 57-year-old is when he's cutting loose. "Hugh, put the Gypsy Kings on shuffle because we're coming over to dance!

Yet, in an interview on "If I'm having a miserable afternoon I like to put on Gypsy Kings and do a bit of dancing," he told Graham Norton.

"Our goal in attending the Golden Globes is to shift the focus back to survivors and on systemic, lasting solutions," reads a joint statement from the stars' guests, according to the "This moment in time calls for us to use the power of our collective voices to find solutions that leave no woman behind."The joint statement went on to assert that this group will stand by all women who come forward with their stories, and work to make sure that they are heard.

"As longtime organizers, activists and advocates for racial and gender justice, it gives us enormous pride to stand with the members of the Time's Up campaign who have stood up and spoken out in this groundbreaking historical moment," the statement read, according to the same piece.

"We want to encourage all women — from those who live in the shadows to those who live in the limelight, from all walks of life, and across generations — to continue to step forward and know that they will be supported when they do."This Time's Up movement comes on the heels of a reckoning within Hollywood as a whole.

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So, setting the record straight, no — according to Ferrell himself, he never appeared on the cartoon series.She makes the argument that some women in the restaurant industry are encouraged to tolerate upsetting behavior from customers in order to get the tips they need to offset the low base wages they're paid."As women earning just a few dollars an hour from their employers, they are forced to tolerate inappropriate behavior — from lewd comments and groping to assault — in order to feed their families in tips," Jayamaran wrote.While actors generally take in the night with a family member or a spouse, eight actresses took activists as dates to the event to bring attention to issues of sexual harassment and gender inequality across multiple industries and walks of life, from farm workers to professional athletics.Among those activists was Saru Jayaraman — a restaurant industry advocate who is co-founder and president of the Restaurant Opportunities Center — accompanying actress and comedian Amy Poehler.

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